Georgia and other states in the Southeast also are hit by millions of lightning strikes because the area is buffeted by storms in the Gulf of Mexico and atmospheric moisture is high.

Be aware that June and July is the worst months of the year for lightning strikes. Know that it’s impossible to outrun the bolts. If you hear thunder rumbling even 10 miles away or see a lightning flash, immediately seek shelter indoors or in a car and stay away from trees.

This is the month when thunderstorms are most common and can pop up with very little notice,”  “Most lightning deaths shouldn’t happen. But it’s no wonder because people don’t take lighting seriously.

“Every year there are 25 million cloud-to-ground flashes,”  “You can hear thunder about 10 miles away but you can still be hurt by a bolt. And don’t go outside too soon. Meterolgist recommend waiting 30 minutes.”

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